Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happiness Value of Money

People often say that money cannot buy you happiness. There is much truth to that. Undeniably though, money can purchase the important things for your loved ones, for other people and for yourself. It is more about the value it can bring you like putting food on the table, having to spend more time with the people you care for, providing security for your loved ones in terms of health and other basic needs and having the opportunity to share with others. 

It's not money per se that will bring happiness to your life. But trust me. Losing lots of it can make you feel miserable. It’s always easy to dismiss the value of money until you experience hitting rock bottom. It's always more fun to be the giver than the receiver. But of course, giving is not always in monetary terms. But a lot of time, it is. And still, the value you are giving off is not the money itself but your effort exerted in acquiring it.

Earn smart, spend wise and always be a blessing for others.