Friday, May 8, 2015

Financial Freedom Is Not The End Of It

The reason why a lot of people can't reach financial freedom they are dreaming of is because of their wrong concept of it. A lot of us think that it is about us having money to buy all the things we want. That feeling that "we made it". This is partially true but the harsh reality is most of us won't be able to reach that point.

The question that you must be asking yourself first is why do you want to have that financial freedom? Is it about the money, the cars, the big houses, the gadgets, jewelries, travels? Or is it about how you could get more time doing things you like and spending more moments with those you love? The usual reason why we can't do the latter is because of the idea that we are trapped in our daily duties to earn for our primary necessities. And thinking that to earn more, you work harder and longer times. Then to reward yourself, you buy things that you don't really need but which you think you deserve for all the hard work you have done. Fair enough. But the danger on this one is on that mentality that financial freedom equates to material things. That's probably the reason why most people who get scammed easily is swayed by the promise of luxurious things that he can buy upon joining them.

Fact is you don't really need a drastic change on your money status to achieve financial freedom. A simple change in mindset towards your priority management, starting small in your savings and investment, a little review and of your current situation and looking at all the other options will get you a long way.