Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Best Investment

Do you know when can you say that you have found the best investment? It is when it puts you in a position to help others and gives you a chance to become a better person.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Online Games and Investing Mentality

Your base was empty. Your command unit was a handful. Your fire power was weak. You could barely attack or defend. That's how it was when you were just beginning to play that addicting online game. But look, now you have a stronger base, powerful defensive weapons and a huge army enough to pulverize a huge enemy camp. So what did you do to arrive at this scenario from almost none at the start?

You managed to do with what you had. You bought only what you need. You utilized your few resources wisely trying not to waste anything. You were most of the time defensive and attacked only when the possibility of winning was big. Though of course, you sometimes gambled with calculated risks. Your first income was spent on things that will gain you more assets and money. 

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that's just exactly what you need to do in real life if you want to grow your money. It's just funny that most people treat online golds more delicately than the one they worked hard for in real life. 

What makes online gamers more prudent in handling their money is  their commitment to grow their army and bases. They create their work plan around it. There's that clear ending in mind unlike in real life where most people don't take saving and investing seriously. Most think that all they need to do is to keep more money then that's it. It's a mistake. It may be effective to some but for the majority, it's impossible to save when you don't have a target. To have a clear course of action, you must have a specific and clear goal

Sometimes, it makes life easier when you treat things like a game. But don't forget that understanding and love for it are essential to win big. Patience is needed at the beginning. Once you got a hold of it, had installed greater weapons and trained a huge army, then you can start taking larger risks by attacking bigger and richer camps for more mouth-watering loots.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Objective First

You can't get lost driving or walking if you don't have a target destination. But if you do that, don't expect to arrive at a place you desire to go to. And you can't blame your car, your map or the road but you only have yourself to point a finger to.

When you invest, you should always have a goal. Whether it's for your retirement, for buying a house, a phone or a car, whatever it is, there must always be a target. To save money as a goal is also possible, but put a number in there so that you'll know if you're moving towards near it and also to be able to calculate if it's mathematically possible with the way you're doing it at the present. 

Investing is not just an act but a discipline. You just don't do it. With your first peso, you must have an end in mind. Remember that your first steps  are the most important in reaching your destinations. But in case you get lost in the middle, don't be afraid to ask for guidance from those who are more familiar with the directions.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Grab the Guava

Whenever there's a news about our economy doing well, the usual reply you can read in the comments section is "'di naman namin ramdam yan (we don't feel it anyway)". 

That would always be true for someone who doesn't have a job, does not invest nor study about it, does not spend wisely or does not save. I understand that there are limitations brought to us by circumstances like how we feel our government is neglecting us. But for us to feel the effect of a growing economy, we should be the one chasing its effect. 

We can't be Juan Tamad waiting for the guava to fall. Stand up and grab the proverbial guava.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Be Selfless

One of the worst enemies of would be investors is greed. And the best way to combat greediness is by selflessness. By prioritizing what's important in your life, you'll never go wrong with your decisions. You will consider everything before taking any step. You will not make crazy gambles. You will take calculated risks that will most likely ensure the best situations for your loved ones in a future that you may or may not be present at all. So have you asked your self how your loved ones would be if that future is tomorrow?