Sunday, February 19, 2017

Regrets and Inaction

The 3rd month of the year is coming and your age is increasing. Thank God you're still alive that He gives you another day to make your life better and for you to prepare a good one for those you love. If there's another tomorrow, that would be good. But if none, hope that you have done what you've been planning to do because saying that you want to do something doesn't equate to actually doing it. These are opposite sides of a coin.
Having great intentions is good. But results come only to those who take actions. Having fear is understandable. But using fear as an excuse is cowardice and irresponsibility. Decide, act and move. It might be uncomfortable at first. But getting used to discomfort is part of it and once results fall into your lap, you'll realize that everything is worth it. And the only thing that you'll regret is that you did not start earlier.