Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Own 2016 With Honesty

You are working full time. You have many responsibilities as a breadwinner. There are bills to pay, a couple of loans, kids' education fees, daily expenses, etc. You have zero to small savings. Your hands are full and you lack time to check out on your investment options. You are always tired and working hard but yet they do not translate to improvement in your finances

That could be your situation in 2015. The good news is it was also the same with several people I know just a few years back who have turned their lives for the better ever since. It's not hopeless. I was also facing the similar case not too long ago but was able to find a way out of it little by little. And while I asked those people about how they climbed out of the hole, I found out that the common thing that helped us to begin moving away from that same situation was "honesty".

Honesty is not just a virtue which improves our relationship with people but also a character that would help us in building up our financial situation. Here's a list on how honesty helps you with your money woes.

  1. Be honest with yourself. Is it really that you don't have what it takes to begin or you're just afraid of investing? Is your fear of the unknown worse than the fear of the inevitable which is your child's education expenses, your retirement, sudden loss of job, health deterioration and ageing? 
  2. Be honest on which things you really don't need. Then stop wasting your hard earned money on them. Rather set the money aside for more important things like investments.
  3. Be honest with your investment knowledge. Even if I'm doing this for years, I still ask the more seasoned guys. Everything is a continued learning experience. Don't be shy if you know nothing nor too proud if you know a bit. Asking and studying will always do wonders. 
  4. Be honest with your targets and expectations. This is the only way that a financial advisor could direct you to the investment that would suit you. 
  5. Be honest with your situation. Stop fooling your self that you're just fine even if you're not. Stop making excuses for not beginning to save and to invest. Accept the reality that you have to do it now, no matter what.

Just be honest. Begin your investment and make it a habit. No need to start big. Just start. And when you say that you will, be honest.

Happy New Year.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Gratefulness is Wealth

Health is wealth, and so is gratefulness. Motivation and a clear mind are necessary to make money. And one of the gateways towards it is by being thankful. When you appreciate the things you have, the people around you and the environment you are into, your decisions and actions will be better and your vision will be clearer. You'll see opportunities out of challenges and you'll see difficulties as part of your development. You'll become a better person and you'll attract more positive things.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Investing is Boring, Election is Exciting But

People are on a high during elections and campaign seasons. We feel that the power is in us. We push names of those who think would save us from our current situation. Those who are sitting on the pedestal suddenly kneels in front of us just to get our support.

Elections and candidates usually give us hope for a better future. Some of them might be able to live up to their promise. But most of them don't. But really, it doesn't matter what they do or what policies they create if you don't act for your own future. We may be able to elect the best, but the person that will have the largest impact on your growth is yourself. Your vote won't give you money for your child's tuition fee, your medical expenses, for your planned car or house, your travels or your retirement fund, but your investment today will.

You won't get much high in investment though. It's a boring thing to do. You do due diligence, you research, you ask, you put money, and then you wait. Boring indeed. But your future self will thank your boring old self for doing so while you will forget the names of those you voted and campaigned for. But still, vote wisely. You will only get a better output out of an investment or an election if you use logic and reason more than emotions.