Saturday, September 2, 2017

6 Ways To Earn From Your Passion

You might not realize but you could be missing that opportunity to earn extra money from doing those things you love.

So, let me share with you 6 ways to earn or to make a fortune out of your passion:

1. If it is about collecting things, use your knowledge about it. You might have the idea where to find the best supplies with the cheapest price. Buy. And for sure, you know people who share the same interest. Sell.
2. On collectibles again, if you have the eye for "long term value", start collecting those which you think will become rare and wait until their costs shoot up. Either sell, or wait further til they cost you a fortune.
3. If its about a specific skill or hobby, make a sideline job from it. Be good at it and offer your service for a fair pay.

4. Hone your skills. Be one of the best. Make it your "job" and get paid handsomely for doing what you love.
5. Create a useful and valuable product (i.e. book, blog to monetize, a new toy, gadget, recipe, vlog). Use your passion and knowledge to create an edge and to make your product profitable.
6. Or, just like most people, you may not have the time or opportunity to directly monetize your passion. Then, do it on your leisure time to avoid burn out and to exercise your creative muscles. It will help you to function ar your best and get to do your job well for the rest of the week.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Regrets and Inaction

The 3rd month of the year is coming and your age is increasing. Thank God you're still alive that He gives you another day to make your life better and for you to prepare a good one for those you love. If there's another tomorrow, that would be good. But if none, hope that you have done what you've been planning to do because saying that you want to do something doesn't equate to actually doing it. These are opposite sides of a coin.
Having great intentions is good. But results come only to those who take actions. Having fear is understandable. But using fear as an excuse is cowardice and irresponsibility. Decide, act and move. It might be uncomfortable at first. But getting used to discomfort is part of it and once results fall into your lap, you'll realize that everything is worth it. And the only thing that you'll regret is that you did not start earlier.

Monday, January 23, 2017

How's Your Hand?

Even with the best hand, if you don't understand the rules of the game, you can still lose. Someone might look poised to succeed in life with his educational background, a good job and great health but if his mentality and actions do not maximize these advantages, failure is inevitable. We always seemed surprised to hear people succeeding out of no where. But if we look closely, a lot of those who reach the top are the ones who started out from the bottom yet hustle their way up against the odds.

Remember that the person who is more likely to succeed is not always the one who's dealt with the best hands in life but it is he who strategizes his way up no matter how bad the set of cards are being dealt against him.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Use Your Today

Today, reasons and excuses are easy, convenient and cheap. But tomorrow, the only currencies accepted are the solutions and preparations that you did earlier.

Start Young and Wise

It is hard to be a breadwinner. And do you know what's harder? It is the situation of the breadwinner's dependents when suddenly, they are left on their own. 

That's why I'm so glad to have persuaded this 24 yr old IT professional, an eldest in his family, to start with his investment early. He might have just began with his career but he understands fully the gravity of being prepared for anything. Currently, he has to support his two younger siblings in their education and his parents are already in their retiring age yet he's able to budget his salary and make room to what is essential for all of them.

And it's not a bad deal to put up with a Php 2500/month investment for 10 yrs and have 1M pesos life insurance, 500K pesos accident and disability coverage, and more or less 1 Million Pesos withdrawable money at age 50 in return. A bonus well spent? No. But rather, it is a bonus well allotted and utilized.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Are You Ready To Leave?

It's that day again when families and friends troop to the cemeteries to remember and pray for our dearly departed. And because of the season, I remember that saying that we can't bring our treasures buried with us 6 feet under when our lives end. That's true. Yet unfortunately, it's not just material riches but the list of things we can't bring beyond our lives here on earth includes our debts, expenses and responsibilities on which some are even transferred to those whom we left behind.

And we call these people as our loved ones. Loving should be in action and not just in words. So rather than leaving them grieving and burdened with finances, why not prepare them at least in the financial sense? Save, invest, get an insurance. It will give you a peace of mind before you even rest in peace. And there are statistics that say those who prepare for it usually are the ones who live longer. I believe this because the mentality of those people who prepare have safer mindsets, health and situations than those happy go lucky people.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Drive Your Way to Investment Success

Running your business is like driving a car. Motivation is the spark plug, your resources are your fuel and your driving skill is your investment knowledge.

I already met enough people who failed in their businesses by committing that mistake of thinking that motivation and resources are enough ammunitions to start and finish a battle. And it was a personal experience as well. 

Your skill will always be critical. Sometimes, motivation acts like a hallucinating drug that makes you think you are invulnerable. And the danger doubles when you have that enough resources at your hand. You may be able to start the machine and be able to move initially with the momentum. But once you get into that bumpy road, without that necessary skill to get past through it, expect a lot of difficulties on your way or worst, a sudden halt with what you are doing.

Invest in enriching your skills and knowledge. Find your expertise. And when the driver is ready, the perfect car comes.