Saturday, September 2, 2017

6 Ways To Earn From Your Passion

You might not realize but you could be missing that opportunity to earn extra money from doing those things you love.

So, let me share with you 6 ways to earn or to make a fortune out of your passion:

1. If it is about collecting things, use your knowledge about it. You might have the idea where to find the best supplies with the cheapest price. Buy. And for sure, you know people who share the same interest. Sell.
2. On collectibles again, if you have the eye for "long term value", start collecting those which you think will become rare and wait until their costs shoot up. Either sell, or wait further til they cost you a fortune.
3. If its about a specific skill or hobby, make a sideline job from it. Be good at it and offer your service for a fair pay.

4. Hone your skills. Be one of the best. Make it your "job" and get paid handsomely for doing what you love.
5. Create a useful and valuable product (i.e. book, blog to monetize, a new toy, gadget, recipe, vlog). Use your passion and knowledge to create an edge and to make your product profitable.
6. Or, just like most people, you may not have the time or opportunity to directly monetize your passion. Then, do it on your leisure time to avoid burn out and to exercise your creative muscles. It will help you to function ar your best and get to do your job well for the rest of the week.

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