Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Drive Your Way to Investment Success

Running your business is like driving a car. Motivation is the spark plug, your resources are your fuel and your driving skill is your investment knowledge.

I already met enough people who failed in their businesses by committing that mistake of thinking that motivation and resources are enough ammunitions to start and finish a battle. And it was a personal experience as well. 

Your skill will always be critical. Sometimes, motivation acts like a hallucinating drug that makes you think you are invulnerable. And the danger doubles when you have that enough resources at your hand. You may be able to start the machine and be able to move initially with the momentum. But once you get into that bumpy road, without that necessary skill to get past through it, expect a lot of difficulties on your way or worst, a sudden halt with what you are doing.

Invest in enriching your skills and knowledge. Find your expertise. And when the driver is ready, the perfect car comes.