Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Are You Ready To Leave?

It's that day again when families and friends troop to the cemeteries to remember and pray for our dearly departed. And because of the season, I remember that saying that we can't bring our treasures buried with us 6 feet under when our lives end. That's true. Yet unfortunately, it's not just material riches but the list of things we can't bring beyond our lives here on earth includes our debts, expenses and responsibilities on which some are even transferred to those whom we left behind.

And we call these people as our loved ones. Loving should be in action and not just in words. So rather than leaving them grieving and burdened with finances, why not prepare them at least in the financial sense? Save, invest, get an insurance. It will give you a peace of mind before you even rest in peace. And there are statistics that say those who prepare for it usually are the ones who live longer. I believe this because the mentality of those people who prepare have safer mindsets, health and situations than those happy go lucky people.

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